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Web Published: Mar 01, 2011


A New Field of Chemical Reagents

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Maleimides are widely considered the most selective functional group for thiol modification. Fine chemicals companies typically offer more than 50 maleimide-based products, and many more which are manufactured using them. Maleimides react irreversibly with thiols preventing controlled disassembly of conjugates, and they contain a single point of attachment for a functional moiety (such as flourophore, biotin, etc).

The Technology and its Advantages

Maleimides are widely used and considered very effective in their standard role. They offer the ability to irreversibly bind a single functional moiety. Our patented technology is a novel class of maleimides, which permit reversible binding, and offer multiple attachment points. We believe this technology has wide-ranging applications.

Market Opportunity

Maleimides are widely used by chemical companies to enable the linkage of reagents to molecules, especially to proteins via thiol binding. This technology has primary utility for a retailer of fine chemicals through:

-Expansion of the existing product line to include multiply bound/reversible moieties

- New product lines utilising multiple functional moieties connected via maleimide (for example a fluorescent tag & biotin linked to an antibody).

There are wider applications for this technology in other areas, especially biopharmaceuticals.

Further Information

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