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Fully Disposable Self-Lighting Sigmoidoscope

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Evexar Medical Ltd, managed by UCLB, is currently expanding the range of products in its portfolio to include a fully integrated self-illuminating sigmoidoscope.


The Evexar self-illuminating Sigmoidoscope is a single-use, fully disposable device that utilises a convenient (universal) illuminator inserted into the base of the handle and a light rod to direct light to the end of the scope, where it is most needed. It is a stand-alone, fully integrated system enabling examination and therapeutic procedures to be performed in clinics and the operating room, giving complete clinical freedom of use. The system is completely disposable as a unit and can be disposed of by the normal hospital procedures after use, reducing the risk of cross-infection.


Karen Cheetham, Director of Projects, worked closely with our clinician Steve Barker, regulatory consultant Tony Thorne and a team of designers to ensure that the final design of the sigmoidoscope was in line with clinicians’ expectations. It is ideal for specialist clinicians to use in hospitals and private clinics. As it is self-illuminated there is no need for fibre optic cables or cleaning, and the unique integrated obturator design prevents obstruction of the examination channel and light guide.


The sigmoidoscope has been CE marked and was launched onto the market at the Medica conference in November 2011. This project illustrates the skills contained within the project management team and the ability of the team to transform a clinical concept to a global product.


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