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RetVas (Retinal Vasculature Screening)

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Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is an eye disease that occurs in babies born prematurely. The blood vessels of the retina grow in a disorganised manner and may cause scarring and retinal detachment. Development of the retinal vessels is monitored in infants at risk to diagnose whether ROP is developing and whether surgical intervention or other treatments are required.


Dr Claire Wilson and her team have developed screening software for monitoring the development of retinal blood vessels in the back of a baby’s eye. This will allow clinicians to rapidly and accurately quantify the development of retinal vessels, providing a more accurate tool to aid diagnosis of ROP.


Dr Rachel Hemsley, Senior Business Development Manager and Dr Richard Wedge, Project Development Manager at UCLB are working closely with Dr Claire Wilson, software engineers, clinicians and regulatory experts to ensure that the software device meets the appropriate requirements for CE marking. RetVas will be CE marked in 2012.


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