£75,000 UCLB and J&J PoC funding available


Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and UCL Business PLC (UCLB) established a co-managed proof of concept fund (PoC) in 2009., which is managed via UCLB. The aim of the fund is to improve the research pipeline in early stage healthcare research and to generate benefit for patients, the healthcare system and the life science industry.   J&J have re-iterated their commitment to the fund and UCL with a further investment which has been matched by UCLB. The maximum award for any one application is £75,000.

The second call for applications is concentrated in the areas of neuroscience (Alzheimer’s, psychiatry, pain), oncology (lung, prostate, and haematologic malignancies), inflammation, topical skin care (anti-aging, sun protection), and medical devices related to surgery, or orthopaedics.

Applications should be submitted in the form of a short non-confidential abstract with a description and keywords for the project of no longer than 2 A4 pages. A brief researcher biography, stage of development and intellectual property status of the proposed project and proposed healthcare application/relevance should also be included.

The abstracts will be selected by UCLB for submission to J&J. If the abstract is successful, the researcher/researchers will be required to submit a full application in the form of a proof of concept application using the UCLB standard PoC form for review by a joint J&J UCL PoC committee.


The closing date for submission of abstracts is 6th July 2012, all applications should be submitted to Mr. Alex Weedon, Head of Business and Legal Affairs, UCLB (

UCLB Business Managers will be able to provide help and advice for submission of abstracts. Please visit the our people page to find the Business Manager assigned to your department.