What we do

UCLB is responsible for technology development and commercialisation transactions for UCL. Offering world-class expertise in areas from live sciences to engineering and from the arts to the built environment, we work to make commercial connections between the expertise and innovations of UCL’s academics and the needs of industry and the wider marketplace.

For businesses seeking specific technology solutions, UCLB provides the commercial expertise, legal advice and administrative support required to broker licensing agreements, allowing companies to fully exploit unique technologies with the knowledge that exclusivity and market advantage is preserved.

Through UCLB, academics wishing to license technology have access to comprehensive support services, with Business Managers assisting throughout the process from initial negotiation to concluding contracts.

UCLB has a long and successful track record in creating some of the most successful spinout businesses in key new industries. From discovery disclosure to commercialisation  strategy, business plan development, contractual advice and formalisation, and through to incubation support, including the recruitment of management teams and identification of investors, UCLB’s services cover the entire process.

UCLB provides UCL departments and institutes with a comprehensive project management service for single or multi-party collaborative industry projects. Our project management experts will assist the principal investigator and departmental administrators in managing the full life cycle of the project, and contribute to effective teamwork within the project group. With a focus on commercialisation, they will maintain effective liaison with internal and external key people and industry partners, ensuring the most effective route to market is delivered.

Our first aim:

Fulfil our grand challenges


The end point of research and innovation at UCL is focused on a set of Grand Challenges:

+ Global Health

+ Sustainable Communities

+ Intercultural Interaction

+ Human Wellbeing

This set of challenges forms the benchmark against which we judge all potential innovations emanating from UCL.


Our second aim:

Add value where we can


At UCLB we believe it is not enough to simply deliver a technology transfer. We believe in bringing expertise and experience into the mix to add real benefit, through financial investment, strong intellectual property (IP) strategy, project management, prototype design, securing regulatory pathways and enabling access to markets. This foundation of support is invaluable in ensuring more novel ideas make the transition into marketable innovations for societal benefit and impact.

This is what we call the ‘Realisation of Research’.

‘The resources and expertise of UCLB are extraordinarily high… their expertise is priceless and absolutely invaluable.’


Professor Sir Mark Pepys is the Head of the Division of Medicine at the Royal Free Campus of UCL’s Medical School, and is Founder and Director of Pentraxin

Therapeutics Limited.  Professor Sir Mark Pepys was the recipient of the UCL Business Award at the UCL annual Enterprise Awards.