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Web Published: Mar 01, 2011


Moorfields Motion Detection Test

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Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness and a common cause of falls in the elderly, but can be treated if detected early. Glaucoma affects around 2% of those over the age of 50 years and 5% over 80 years, with higher rates in some ethnic groups. Glaucoma causes gradual loss of the field of vision of which the patient is frequently unaware until it becomes severe. In the developed world, at least 50% of glaucoma sufferers are undiagnosed, reaching 90% in the developing world. Late presentation is a major risk factor for glaucoma blindness. The Moorfields MDT is a case finding device which has been developed to reduce the burden of undiagnosed glaucoma.

The Technology and its Advantages

The Moorfields MDT is a software program which provides a test for the field of vision. It has been developed as lap-top based technology for the detection of glaucoma. There are over half a million glaucoma sufferers in the UK. It is health care policy to provide as much care as possible in the community but the use of different technology in primary and secondary care is a barrier to shared care of glaucoma patients. There is an unmet need for affordable technology that is efficient for case finding, but also accurate and precise enough for monitoring.

As a laptop medical device the MDT meets the challenge of providing an affordable, accurate portable technology for the detection of glaucoma.

Market Opportunity

According to Business Insights the forecast of prevalence of glaucoma across the 5 major European countries plus the US and Japan is set to rise from 15m in 2010 to 15.7 by 2014. These figures do not include the high incidence of glaucoma in India and China. In 2008 the sales of anti-glaucoma preparations by the 10 leading companies in the market  was $5,214m and showed a growth of 11% growth for the period 2007-08.

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