Case ID: 74-029

Web Published: Mar 01, 2011

Intellectual Property Status: Patent application filed December 2009 and currently progressing through the PCT phase.


Novel Protein Fractions Induce Stem Cell Proliferation to Form Bone, Blood Vessels or Neural Cells

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Stem cells have been induced by novel proteins to from osteogenic, angiogenic and neurogenic cells. This discovery has significant implications for tissue regeneration and for treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.

The Technology and its Advantages

Specific fractions of a common matrix protein have been found to have a major impact on differentiation pathways of stem cells. The stem cells can be induced to form new bone, blood vessels and neuronal tissues. It is believed that these materials have differential effects on the progenitor and stem cell populations in tissues and cause differentiation of these cells into different lineages i.e. osteogenic, angiogenic, neurogenic. For example, a specific fraction may be used to promote new cells of the nervous system (e.g. neurons and glial cells). It is anticipated that this fraction may be used to selectively build neurological tissue for the treatment of stroke, Alzheimer’s and neuromuscular disorders.

Market Opportunity

The ability to induce stem cell proliferation down a particular lineage has significant application across many areas of healthcare.

Further Information

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